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Protection Plan

Take care of your new investment with the Casa Protection Plan

We understand that your new furniture purchase is an important decision and investment.

Guardian Protection plan

We are proud to partner with Guardian Protection Products, Inc. to offer furniture protection plans so you can enjoy your home without the worry of life’s little accidents!

Our 5-year Protection Plan offers:

  • Professional cleaning for covered accidental stains
  • Professional repair for covered damages
  • Full item replacement if it cannot be cleaned or repaired

Fabric, Leather and Vinyl Upholstered Furniture:

  • All stains
  • Rips, cuts, punctures or burns from a specific incident
  • Breakage of frames, springs, motors, and sleeper, reclining, inclining, heating, and vibrating mechanisms will be covered if they were originally covered by a manufacturer’s warranty and that warranty has expired

Wood and Hard Surface Furniture:

  • All stains
  • Breakage of wood or other hard surface from a specific incident
  • Gouge, heat mark or liquid ring from a specific incident
  • Breakage of glass or mirror components, any chip or scratch of glass or mirrors, and loss of silvering on mirrors (except crowned or curved glass)
  • Checking, cracking, bubbling, or peeling of finish from a specific incident.

How to Submit a Service Request

Call Guardian Protection Products, Inc. customer service 1.800.527.8485 within 30 days if a covered stain or damage occurs.

Be ready to provide the following:

  • Have your itemized receipt and Plan documents in hand.
  • Be prepared to describe the incident, including the size, location and when it occurred.
  • A photo may be requested to better assist with your service.

Summary of protection plan exclusions:

  • Any pet damage (caused by beaks, claws or jaws)
  • General soiling and accumulation of stains
  • Odor
  • Normal wear