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Casa Container

Casa Container Program

Gain access to a huge inventory of furniture, delivered exactly when and where you need them.

Benefits include:

Huge inventory of products available

Huge inventory of products available

Marine insurance coverag

Marine insurance coverage

Countless customization options

Countless customization options

Tracking Status

Tracking and status reports included

Bulk discounts

Bulk discounts

Management of storage in dest

Management of storage in destination country

Shipment in 40 foot hig

Shipment in 40 foot high cube containers (approximately 67 CBM) or 20 foot containers (approximately 28 CBM)

Direct to door White Glo

Direct to door White Glove delivery

Management of all customs clearance,

Management of all customs clearance, brokerage and ocean freight documentation

The Casa Container Program is ideal for commercial interior designers, architects, and builders for hotels, offices, restaurants, multifamily complexes and more.

Please contact us for further information.